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Do "Oxford", "Cambridge", or "Longman" ring a bell in you when it comes to language learning? Surely your mind will automatically link to the language books for English language learners. Since millions of people worldwide learn English for their work or life purposes, kind hearts have made it more accessible for the learners to find the electronic version of those books through courtesy digital library such as

Some of these books can also be found in this blog post, too. Just check out the following list and download the books for your learning.

1. Cambridge EnglishVocabulary In Use Advanced_2ndEd2002
Download PDF • 54.95MB

2. Cambridge Professional English In Use-Finance terms
Download PDF • 136.14MB

3. Cambridge Professional English In Use-Engineering terms
Download PDF • 52.32MB

4. Cambridge Professional English In Use-Marketing terms
Download PDF • 13.25MB

5. Longman Young Children's Picture Dictionary
Download PDF • 12.80MB

6. Longman Word by Word Picture Dictionary_NEW
Download PDF • 42.96MB

7. Oxford American English_The New Oxford Picture Dictionary
Download PDF • 72.69MB

8. Cambridge English_Grammar_in_Use
Download PDF • 11.06MB

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