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What is e-learning?

Since the Covid-19 virus strikes our whole world, social distancing has been the new norm to minimize physical contact and tackle the pandemic.

From time to time, we have heard more and more about “online learning”, “virtual learning”, and especially “e-learning”.

So basically, what is e-learning?

In its broadest shade of meaning, e-learning is the learning and teaching activity that engage the use of electronic technologies. In its most common sense, e-learning refers to an interactive lesson, a program, etc. that is delivered via the Internet to learners.

One of the core DNAs of e-learning: Interactivity

An e-learning lesson usually includes interactive elements that encourage the learner to engage in the electronic learning-teaching process. Interactivity is also a key factor for keeping the learner’s interest.

Click here to get an idea of how an e-learning module may look like. (This is a tailor-made English language module for a Vietnamese community.)

If you want to try an e-learning course, visit and search for your desired ones among thousands of courses from prestigious universities around the world.

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